The Unique Gifts That Will Make Your Girlfriend Feel You Are A Better Man

The romantic gift for girlfriend

When it comes to her 21st Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Hanukkah the stakes are high. Sure these moments are meant to be a time of love and giving, but they could just as easily turn into scary moments if you decide to throw a pair of socks and a Family Guy-themed desk calendar her way. Don’t worry, we will help with your gift-giving worries. We give some love gift to get your girlfriend for the holidays.

GoPro or Professional Camera
Before you buy that frame, take a step back and see the big picture. Support her passion for photography and get her the camera of her dreams. Go with a Nikon for the serious photog-lover. Look to Instax for your hipster girlfriend. And if she’s adventurous, go with a GoPro–you just might get a front row ticket to her next thrill–couples skydiving?  The romantic gift for girlfriend-GoPro or Professional Camera

Mix CD
These Memorex CDs should do the trick. Or make her a Spotify playlist if she doesn’t have her car on campus.The romantic gift for girlfriend-Mix CD

Hot Yoga Favorites
She’s been trying to get you into yoga for months. Tell how impressed you are with her Firefly pose by getting her some of the hottest yoga essentials like a lululemon mat. A pair of eco-friendly yoga pants made from recycled water bottles shows her that you care about the environment too. Then take a one step further and sign up for a class together.The romantic gift for girlfriend-Hot Yoga Favorite

Suprise Visit
If you’re in a long distance relationship, the gift is right at the palm of your hands-in fact, it is your hands. Tell her you’re way too busy/tired/constipated to visit her during the holidays and then BAM, show up at her door with flowers and you become the best gift of all.The romantic gift for girlfriend-Suprise Visit

A Gift Hamper
A gift hamper can always make a girls day. Now a days, gift hampers are easily available online and in shops. Some shows also let you make your own hamper by choosing what all you want in the hamper and they decorate it for you. The Body Shop has some of the best hampers that includes body butters, lotions, soaps, perfumes, moisturizers etc. These are all the things that a girl wants and the fact that she gets them all at once, packed in the most cute basket with a bow on top is even better.The romantic gift for girlfriend-A Gift Hamper

Candy Bouquet
Girls like flowers, girls like chocolate and girls like gifts. You mix all of them in one big gift – what could go wrong? Candy bouquets are a new concept wherein, you have a bouquet that is entirely made up of candies and chocolates or a flower bouquet which has chocolate bars here and there. You can make such a bouquet by yourself and choose all her favorite chocolates and flowers. It is a very innovative idea. You can put a small card in between or stick many tiny notes on the chocolate bars with sweet messages.The romantic gift for girlfriend-Candy Bouquet