Topping All Of Your Crazy Ride Share Stories, This Woman Just Gave Birth in an Uber

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Southern California mom says that when she prayed her fourth birth would be a fast one, she couldn’t imagine it would happen in an Uber on the way to the hospital.

Erica Davidovich and her husband, Niv, used the ride-hailing app when she started having contractions Friday in Los Angeles.

She tells KABC-TV her previous three children took hours to arrive, so she figured she had time to get to the hospital.

But they didn’t make it far before they asked the driver to pull over in a parking lot. Although the driver, Raymond Telles, tried to get them to the hospital as fast as possible, Erica says her husband delivered a healthy baby boy in the backseat.

“I didn’t push. Nothing happened. Somehow, the gravity, the baby just slid out. My incredible husband caught the baby,” Erica Davidovich said.

Telles says he managed to remain calm. He visited the family Monday and presented them with a gift: an Uber onesie.