This Woman Recorded Her Husband Snoring and Set it to ‘Despacito’ and Honestly It’s Great

If you remember nothing else about summer 2017, my sincere prayer is that you always remember the way your heart went a-flutter every time you heard the opening guitar lick of “Despacito (Featuring Daddy Yankee)” as it played from a passing car on the street, or drifted from an open window of somebody’s home. “Despacito (Featuring Daddy Yankee)” is the undeniable song of the summer. It just claimed the title of “most streamed song of all time.” It’s the first Spanish song to reach number one since “Macarena.” It’s inspired viral videos. It’s the song that won’t stop giving! And now it has given the world something new in the form of this man’s snoring remixed to, yes, the chorus of “Despacito (Featuring Daddy Yankee).”

According to the video, a woman videotaped her husband’s snoring for four years. What her endgame for all that snoring footage was remains a mystery, but that doesn’t matter now. Because from this woman’s treasure trove of snoring videos, the world has been given a blessing in the form of “Ronquidito,” or the official snoring song of the summer.

“Ronquidito” (which does not Feature Daddy Yankee) went viral recently after Peruvian actress Daniele Camaiora shared it on Facebook, according to the Huffington Post. And thank GOD it went viral, because it deserves to be seen. Any snoring that isn’t rhythmically compatible with “Despacito (Featuring Daddy Yankee)” can step aside.

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