This Woman Had a Stunning Solo Photo Shoot at Disneyland

Like a lot of little girls, Brooke Lowry, 27, grew up idolizing Disney princesses, watching Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, and her favorite, Cinderella, until the tapes broke. So when it came time for her to plan her engagement photo shoot this year, she knew she wanted to have it at the most magical place on earth: Disneyland.

Advertisement – Continue Reading BelowUnfortunately, her fiancĂ© called off the wedding in May, a few weeks before the shoot. Brooke thought about just canceling the photo session, but is that what a heroine would do? Don’t think so!”After a few days of contemplation, I thought, You know what? No, ma’am! This is not how your story ends! You are going to go feel beautiful, have a beautiful day, and have beautiful photos to remember it,” Brooke told “I imagined showing these photos to my daughter one day and also to my younger self, and feeling proud to do so, not being a victim, and taking charge of the situation in my own way.”
Most PopularSince Brooke used to work at Disney Television Animation on a Disney Junior production, she was able to get into the parks for free, thereby making the cost of the shoot, shot by friend and professional photographer Drexelle Park, fairly low.

In July, Brooke moved from Santa Monica, California, to Nashville, Tennessee, where she currently works as a personal assistant, and hopes to work for Disney again someday. When the photos were picked up by the Huffington Post, they quickly went viral, inspiring Brooke to continue living the principles she learned from her favorite films.

“What I have learned from all of this is even when it’s hard, you can be your own knight in shining armor,” she said. “You have the power to find beauty and make magic every day, for yourself and for others. Life is a fairy tale full of multiple once-upon-a-times and happily-ever-afters, and we all have magic within!”