This Online Service Is Basically Uber But For Plan B and Condoms


Even more than the ability to go out and experience culture and see museums and whatnot, the best thing about living in a city is the ability to literally never leave home and have everything you need delivered directly to you. Now, thanks to a new delivery service called GoPuff (You Know It’s Real if there’s no space in the brand name), you can also have pregnancy tests, Plan B, and condoms in VARIOUS sizes delivered almost straight to your bedroom.

GoPuff is a self-decribed “on-demand delivery service application created by Millennials for Millennials,” and it appears to be Seamless (or Postmates, or Uber Eats, or whatever delivery service you’re most familiar with) but for things you’d buy at the convenience store. Nestled right in the “essentials” tab on the site, alongside a pair of teal GoPuff-branded shorts, are four options of Trojan condoms — including Magnums, for that dude who just keeps insisting they’re the only size he can wear. But also included in the essentials section are pregnancy tests and Plan B, which the sites says it will deliver for free.

In 2016, a New York City bodega started offering Plan B on its Seamless page for New Yorkers living in downtown Manhattan who couldn’t be bothered to leave their eighth floor walkup for emergency contraception. GoPuff serves 20 major cities in the United States so far — including Boston, Chicago, Austin, and college towns like Syracuse.

Of course you can also have Plan B delivered in the mail through Amazon, but that doesn’t really work if you just had unprotected sex and need it sooner than the time it would take to ship (Plan B is most effective in the first 24 hours). So if you live in one of the cities GoPuff services, this is great news! Any service that makes emergency contraception and condoms easier and simpler to access is doing good in my book.

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