This Man Bought the Disneyland Bench Where He Proposed to His Wife

Few things make people feel all the feelings quite like Disney and moving wedding proposals, and here we have a story that locks the two together.

Ryan Macedo and his wife Carla married only after two months of dating, but the story of their relationship is all love, even at the very sudden start. As shared with E! News, the two met on a flight and immediately afterward called their mothers to say that they were each going to marry the other. When it came time to pop the question, Macedo immediately thought:

“I grew up in a Disney family; every family vacation was Disneyland, so I thought that would be the perfect place to propose.”

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His original vision included Disneyland’s Beast Library, but after figuring out that wouldn’t work, he decided to finesse his way into a VIP section for the fireworks:

“I’m hoping to do it here at the fireworks show, but where we’re sitting is not what I envisioned. What can I do to get into [the VIP] sections?”

It was there that Macedo made his proposal by a bench inside the section. And it was that very bench that he then decided to make a birthday section for his bride just a couple of months later:

“I literally called Disneyland, and I said, ‘I have a crazy question.’ And the first several people had no idea what I was trying to do…

But, I finally got a hold of the right person that said, ‘Well, the same bench is put in that same spot every night.'” And I said, ‘I want it disassembled, and I want it mailed to me. I’ll pay whatever it costs’.”

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After Disney agreed, Macedo put his mark on the bench via a heart-warming plaque:

“Once upon a time in a magical kingdom in front of an enchanted castle on this very bench on July 18, 2016, Ryan asked Carla to be his bride. Fireworks shot through the sky with tears in her eyes. Carla said yes, Ryan was overcome with joy and they lived happily ever after.”

Um, as for how the new groom’s ever going to top this?

“Well, I have to buy the plane we met on.”

Amazing. Read the whole story here.

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