This Couple Literally Got Married Mid-Roller Coaster Ride and the Pictures Are Perfect

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High school sweethearts Ashley and Thom Marchetti were married earlier this month, which is heart-warming enough in and of itself, but the way they got hitched was the icing on the cake (the confectioners sugar on the funnel cake?): They took their vows while mid-roller coaster ride at a New England Six Flags, the Providence Journal reports.

Specifically, she, 25, and Thom, 29, got aboard the front car of the Superman ride with their officiant J. Chris Quint, their bridal parties, and as many wedding guests as could fit on the 34-person ride (they had to leave their ring bearer on the ground as he wasn’t tall enough to ride the ride!).

Courtesy of Ashley and Thom Marchetti
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The Journal reports Quint waited until they were at the 208-foot peak of the ride to promptly shout at them “Do you, Thom, take Ashley, and do you, Ashley, take Thom to be your lawfully wedded husband and wife?” The response? “I DOOOOooooo!” as they dropped 20 stories.

The pictures are great, the story is better, and the love is real, y’all. What else is marriage if not a promise to ride life’s roller coasters together anyway (lol I’m sorry). Congrats to the happy couple!

Courtesy of Ashley and Thom Marchetti

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