This Old Couple Has Been Eating Their Original Wedding Cake for the Past 61 Years

Ann and Ken Fredericks saved a tier of dark fruitcake from their August 1955 wedding, and they’ve been serving it up every single year since, keeping it wrapped up in a coffee can that sits in their pantry. A happily married couple in Florida just celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary, marking the occasion the same way they have for the past six decades—with a bite of the cake that was served on their wedding day.While eating something that old might make your stomach queasy, the couple cherishes the tradition—and Ann told ABC News that the cake still tastes just as good as it did when they were newlyweds:

It tastes fine. It’s never been in the refrigerator or the freezer, I keep it wrapped in saran wrap. When we started the tradition it used to be wax paper because that’s all we had back then. It doesn’t spoil. Dark fruit cake is made with brandy and it’s made with enough alcohol in it so it doesn’t spoil. But let me tell you — it looks black. It’s that dark now after all these years.

Advertisement – Continue Reading BelowTo be fair, the cake is now a bit dry, so the couple has to pour a shot of brandy over it to moisten it up. But, even though the grandparents are still as happy as ever, they’re afraid their beloved tradition may soon be coming to an end. “It’s finally gotten down to a pretty small piece. We’re beginning to think we may outlive the tradition,” says Ann.We highly recommend watching Ann and Ken’s full interview with ABC News to see what the cake looks like now. Happy anniversary, you lovebirds!(h/t Yahoo)

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