The Best Selling Item at 10 Sex Stores

The world of sex toys can be daunting if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. There are almost too many options. From silent vibes, to the most powerful vibes, to tiny cute vibes pretty enough to leave out like an objet d’art, where do you start? Luckily for you, 10 of the best sex shop owners and insiders give the scoop on the no. 1 best-selling item at their respective stores, so you can at least gauge where to start.

1. Babeland

Clitoral Vibrator

“The Womanizer Plus uses ‘pleasure-air’ technology to create a suction sensation that feels like oral sex. An orgasm is guaranteed. Our customers (and staff) went wild for it from the beginning. ” —Claire Cavanah, co-founder and co-author of Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex, Babeland

BUY NOW Womanizer Plus, WOMANIZER (Available at Babeland), $219

2. Good Vibrations

Clitoral Vibrator

“After all these years, our no. 1 is still the Magic Wand vibrator! Customers love it because it’s powerful, consistent, and gets the job done. It’s been recommended by a veritable who’s who of sexperts and experts (starting with the one and only Betty Dodson), and is responsible for countless first orgasms. People who are new to vibrators often look at it with wide eyes because it’s so big — we explain the way to use it (Clitoral! Not insertive!), filling that gap in their sex education. And now, decades after it became a star even though you have to plug it in, it comes in a rechargeable version.” —Dr. Carol Queen, resident sexologist, Good Vibrations

BUY NOW Magic Wand, HITACHI (Available at Good Vibrations), $60

3. Tenga

Masturbation Sleeve

“Preferences of [our] customers vary around the world, but the TENGA Original Vacuum Cup is a fan favorite for many countries. People love the that the hourglass feature creates an unparalleled tightness that can be heightened by manually squeezing the cup. At $9.99, this one-time use product is pre-lubricated and has special valves inside that create a virtual vacuum to deliver an amazing sucking sensation.” —Eddie Marklew, global marketing manager, TENGA

BUY NOW Original Vacuum Cup, TENGA, $10

4. Lelo

Internal Vibrator

“[The] Gigi 2 is winning at the moment probably because it’s the most portable and people are traveling a lot at this time of year. It’s an internal vibe that has a curved body and then a flattened, upturned ‘face’ that applies its powerful vibrations directly to the most erogenous areas. It’s long been one of LELO’s most popular and beloved massagers, and gets consistently good reviews, maybe because it can be used just as pleasurably on the clitoris too. Long live the Gigi 2, the one that proved sex toys could be as stylish as they are orgasmic!”—Stu Nugent, brand communications manager, LELO

BUY NOW Gigi 2, LELO, $140

5. Lovehoney

Rabbit Vibrator

“[This vibrator] is whisper-quiet and waterproof for fun in the tub. It has two extra-powerful motors, one in the shaft and one in the ears, meaning sensation is heightened in both the clitoris and [internally], helping you on your way to the perfect blended orgasm, quickly and effortlessly. It is one of the most reviewed products on our website with five stars. Many of our customers wanted to capture the mystery and romance of the Fifty Shades of Grey story and there is no doubt the book opened up a whole new world of couples-play to so many people.” —a spokesperson from Lovehoney

BUY NOW Greedy Girl Rabbit Vibrator, FIFTY SHADES OF GREY (Available at Lovehoney), $90

6. Adam & Eve

Clitoral Vibrator

“The Satisfyer is a top seller, and customers claim this item delivers orgasms like nothing they’ve experienced before. The unique auction/air vortex this toy creates is unique and simulates oral sex.” —Katy Zvolerin, public relations director, Adam & Eve

BUY NOW Satisfyer 1, SATISFYER (Available at Adam & Eve), $40

7. Pleasure Chest

Rabbit Vibrator

“There are a lot of cool, innovative sex toys that temporarily take over our top seller’s list. Yet rabbit-style vibes continue to hold their own against the newest technology. A dual-action rabbit is a great way to explore a variety of sensations and for some is the only way they can achieve orgasm solo. The Fun Factory Miss Bi is so popular because of the girthy and ergonomic shape, and the strong and versatile vibration modes.” —Sarah Tomchesson, head of business operations, Pleasure Chest

BUY NOW Miss Bi, FUN FACTORY (Available at The Pleasure Chest), $150

8. Pink Cherry

Rabbit Vibrator

Daniel Freedman, CEO of Pink Cherry, says this particular customer review best sums up their best-selling multi-speed rabbit vibrator: “This hit every right spot! Just the feeling of the vibration and the rotation on at the same time drove me crazy! Perfect!”

BUY NOW Multi-Speed Rabbit Vibrator, PINKCHERRY, $40

9. Liberator

Sex Wedge Pillow

“The Liberator Wedge is the no. 1 product sold in our factory showroom and at erotic boutiques around the nation. The Wedge provides couples with the height and lift for longer oral sessions. A lot of the women who buy the Wedge say they are tired of placing pillows under their pelvis for better penetration. Because of the angling, women are more likely to experience orgasm during penetration. Then there are the men who love the Wedge because it aligns them with their partner better during missionary and doggy. The guys say it gives them a better vantage point for watching all the action.” —Angela Lieben, marketing and public relations manager, Liberator


10. Shag

Masturbation Sleeve

“The Tenga Eggs are best sellers because it has a low price point ($10), and they are super cute and approachable for both men and women. They are colorful, discreet, and designed/manufactured in Japan. They are very versatile and can be used in many different ways — for solo use by men (for masturbation), for partner play (think extra-special hand jobs), and they can also be used by ladies as an attachment for the Magic Wand (turned inside-out, it makes a great sensation toy!). I would say the Tenga Egg sales are from about 50–50 men and women. They also come with many different textures, so fans can collect them all.” —Samantha Bard, co-owner, Shag

BUY NOW Egg, TENGA (Available at Shag), $10

Answers have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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