The 6 Best Starter Sex Toys to Use With Your Partner

Bringing up sex toys with your partner can be as awkward as bringing up “where is this going” with your partner. And also because, literally, where do you want this toy to go again? It’s something both of you probably want to talk about, but no one wants to say it first. Here are eight super simple, not terrifying or weird-to-bring-up sex toys that you can use with your partner.

1. A Simple, Palm-Sized Clit Vibrator

Hey, just like the pilot says in the event of a plane crash: you’ve got to take care of yourself before taking care of others. That means when you’re first bringing sex toys into the mix, you need a reliable vibrator your partner will be comfortable holding and using with you. Look no further than this silky smooth number from Je Joue. It’s got different speeds and rhythms you can try out together, plus an ergonomically pleasing design. Totally beginner-friendly.

Je Joue

Je Joue Mimi Soft available at Babeland, $95.

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2. A Vibrating Cock Ring

Vibrating cock rings are great because they’re basically a hands-free vibrator for you during sex, plus it gives him a little jolt too. The Je Joue Mio isn’t your average cock ring. It’s super easy to use, it looks a lot more chill than other cock rings, and you can choose your speed and strength levels, which is basically the perfect recipe for customized partner sex.

Je Joue

Je Joue Mio available at Babeland, $109.

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3. A Feather Tickler

There’s nothing more low-key beginner sexy than a feather tickler. It’s basically like an adult version of those spider head massagers at the mall. The sensations are really subtle but also really powerful. Plus, it’s just pretty.


Tease Feather Tickler available on Amazon, $8.

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4. A Silky Blindfold

Think of this as a beginner’s guide to bondage. The silky-soft fabric won’t make dipping your toe into BDSM terrifying, and the thrill of a little sensory deprivation is hot AF.


Hot Time Satin Blindfold available on Amazon, $7.

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5. A Partner-Controlled Vibrator

This penetrative vibrator makes it really easy for your partner, who may or may not have used a vibrator before. They just squeeze the Minna Ola vibe, and it copies the pressure and pattern of your squeezing, repeating it as long as you like. Squeeze again and it gets harder. Even super-inexperienced people can’t go wrong.

Minna Ola

Minna Ola available at Babeland, $126.

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6. A Strap-On Dildo Kit

While a strap-on dildo kit may be a bit advanced for straight couples, queer couples who want to try strap-on sex will find this starter strap-on kit pretty basic. It’s like awesome sex in a pouch!

Adam and Eve

Beginner’s Strap-On Kit available on Adam & Eve, $39.

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