The 10 Best Things To Have a Long Engagement

To answer all your burning questions: Yes, I am getting married! In May! Almost two years after I got engaged! It’s been a wonderful, lovely time filled with wonderful, lovely things, and wonderful, lovely people asking me time after fucking time why we waited so long to actually tie the knot. Sure, most people get married about a year after they’re engaged, but there are plenty of reasons not to. Some of which include:Advertisement – Continue Reading Below1. Time is money and weddings are expensive. Budgeting for a wedding is undoubtedly the least fun part of having one, but it’s necessary. That said, if you decide two years before you’re getting married that gifts for your guests aren’t necessary necessary, but also they kind of are, you can plan to put aside money for that … and all the other necessities you decide you totally don’t need.

Most Popular2. You’ve got vendor options on vendor options on vendor options. The farther out you approach bands, DJs, florists, etc., the better chance you have of booking your first choice of each. You might get a bit of a discount for booking so far out, and once you’ve booked the biggest components, there’s, like, barely anything else to be done! … (she told herself with nine months to go, hahahahahaaaaahha).3. If you decide you’ll be, for lack of a better term, “sweating for the wedding,” that takes time too. You wanna tone your butt or look a certain way by the time you get married? Great! That takes time to properly accomplish too. You don’t care? Even better. Enjoy this time exactly as you are.4. You spend a lot more time just having fun than you do being stressed. Do the big stuff up front and then chill the fuck out for a few months. When everyone and her mother asks, “You’ve at least nailed down your invites, right??” when you’ve been engaged for, like, a month, tell them it crossed your mind during that really hot “We’re engaaaaged!” sex you were having the other day.5. Go ahead, girl, bring that wedding hashtag into the world and watch it grow big and strong. There will never again be an opportunity to shamelessly promote how cute you and your partner are, so who cares if you clog feeds for years with conveniently organized pictures of yourself? Why not chronicle years worth of your ‘grammable love for all the world to see?! Do it for yourself. Do it for your mom.

6. You can change your mind about the little things. I’m not saying I’ve switched the color of the Le Creuset on our registry from “Caribbean” to “Palm” and then back again three times over the past year, but I’m also not not saying that.7. You get the strength to accept the things you cannot change. With the whole #Partners4Lyfe thing comes perspective. OK, so you’re not getting the intimate, 50-person affair you wanted when you first got engaged. But you can decide to be happy about your 150-person party, because it’s important to your fiancé all his third-cousins will be there. When you finally do get married, you’ll forget you even had qualms about the size of the wedding (or where you want to honeymoon or whatever).8. That honeymoon planning tho. OMG! You’ve got so much time to plan the best fucking vacation of your life! Why would anyone not want to take their time and perfect that!? Honeymoon!!9. You can make sure neither of you have changed your minds about the big things. You totally had the “I want kids and a prenup” discussion before you got engaged, but now’s the time to do it again. And again after that if you need to. Use this cushion you’ve given yourself to make sure you and your person want the same things together as people. Hopefully, you both still agree. If not, I believe that’s called “dodging a bullet.”

10. Just being engaged is fun. Let yourself just be engaged! Don’t they say something about how being a fiancée is fleeting, but being a wife is forever? No? Maybe they say YOAFO (you’re only a fiancée once)? Nope, that’s not it either. Whatever, it’s true.Follow Tess on Twitter.