The 10 Best Love Letters Ever Written

In the current digital era, composing love letters may feel as a prehistoric practice. (Nowadays, the closest you will probably get to some amorous note is a two A.M. text which states:”U Up?”) But despite our unfamiliarity with this exact magic gesture, there was once a time when composing love letters has been the very chivalrous approach to win someone over. (Just look at Noah out of The Notebook for evidence.) Fortunately, the world wide web is now a home for a lot of these storied functions; however as with the majority of things, not all of love letters are made equal. There is a certain quality to this long-forgotten amorous letter that some only got appropriate. This: A master course in hot prose.

  1. Ernest Hemingway into Marlene Dietrich

Nobel Prize-winning American novelist Ernest Hemingway was a successful, confident author, but in their own letters to actress Marlene Dietrich, he reveals a vulnerable side. Hemingway wrote Dietrich, his very best buddy, roughly 30 letters involving 1949 to 1959, however as Dietrich’s daughter, Maria Riva, clarifies in that a New York Times post , both were just close buddies, (although his words appear to show a considerably more flirtatious relationship).
“I can not state how each time I put my arms around you I believed that I had been home,” he writes.


In letters to his wife, Joséphine, the army leader shows a vulnerability not found in their own autocratic method of enlarging the French empire. And while he divorced her if she couldn’t have kids, Napoleon continued to compose to Joséphine for many years following their separation. In one specific letter, penned while Napoleon was commanding the French army near Italy a couple of months after his marriage, he conveys, very romantically, just how much he misses his wife.

My pleasure is to be close to you. The charms of this incomparable Joséphine kindle always a burning and a luminous fire in my heart. When, free of all solicitude, all Needing maintenance, will I have the ability to pass all of my time on you, having just to appreciate you, and to think only of the joy of saying, and of demonstrating it to you?”


Kahlo’s letters into Rivera extend across the twenty-seven-year length of this couple’s relationship, also emphasize the brand new connection (however frenzied) both shared.

“Nothing compares to a palms, nothing similar to the green-gold of your eyes. My body is full of you for times and times. You’re the mirror of the evening. The brutal flash of lightning. The dampness of the planet. The hollow of the armpits is my shield. My fingers touch your own blood. My pleasure is to sense life spring from the flower-fountain that mine retains to fill all of the avenues of my nerves that are yours.”


Another artist who participates in composing sexy love letters: famous painter, Georgia O’Keeffe. Over the span of her 30-year love with celebrated photographer Alfred Stieglitz, O’Keeffe exchanged over 5,000 letters (that is approximately 25,000 pages) on everything in the mundane ongoings of her everyday life to a few of her passionate experiences with Stieglitz. In all, the letters reveal a far more alluring side to the artist as opposed to her floral paintings may initially indicate.

“Dearest — my entire body is only mad with wanting you — If you do not encounter tomorrow — I do not see how I could wait for you — I wonder if a body needs mine the manner mine needs yours — the kisses — that the hotness — that the wetness — all melting together — that the being held so tight it hurts — that the strangle along with the battle.”


In one of the letters discovered after his departure, he famously wrote:

Ever thine. Ever mine.


Maybe among the most romantic love letters ever was written by late U.S. President George H. Bush for his wife, Barbara. For this day, just 1 love letter to Barbara stays from the former president’s period abroad, as Barbara allegedly dropped the vast majority of her letters at a movement following the pair were wed. From the living letter, Bush joyfully describes how he imagines the couple’s future, also clarifies how”blessed” their future kids will be.

“This ought to be an extremely simple letter to write — phrases must come easily and so that it must be easy for me to explain to you how desperately happy I used to start the newspaper and realize the statement of our participation, but I can not possibly say all at a letter that I should love to. I love you, valuable, with all of my heart and also to know that you adore me my entire life. How often I’ve thought about the immeasurable joy which will be ours daily. How blessed our kids are going to be to have a mommy like you…”


Still another former politician whose amorous writings are well worth mentioning: 40th President of the USA, Ronald Reagan.

“The important issue is that I do not wish to be with no need for another 20 decades, or 40, or however many there are. I have gotten really utilized to being happy and that I love you very much really.”


In reality, it was through the course of the affair that Wilde composed Salomé along with also the four great plays that, to the day, would be the basis of his literary heritage. The relationship, however, was frequently ridiculed, given that the period of time. Heartbreakingly, the duo needed to talk secretively, despite how ardently Wilde believed about Douglas.

“Everybody is angry with me for moving back to you, however they do not know us. I believe it is only with you I could do anything in any way. Do remake my life for me personally, after which our friendship and love is going to have distinct significance to the entire world. I wish that if we met at Rouen we hadn’t parted in any way. You will find these broad abysses today of land and space .


The King of England for 38 decades, Henry VIII composed his fan, Anne Boleyn, an assortment of secret, intimate letters that survive today. Despite being called a despotic ruler, the letters show a softer side to monarch often viewed as persistent. The king’s powerful feelings for Boleyn are on full display during the entirety of the notes.

“But if you to do the office of a real faithful mistress and friend, and also to give yourself up body and soul to me, that is, and have been, your loyal servant, (in case your rigour doesn’t prohibit me) I guarantee you that not merely the name will be given you, but also I will take you for the sole mistress, casting off others besides you from my thoughts and affections, also function you just. I beseech you to provide an whole reply to this my impolite letter, I may understand on what and just how much I could depend. And if it doesn’t please you to reply me in writing, appoint a location in which I might get it by word of mouth, and then I’ll go thither with my heart. No further, for fear of exhausting you.”Vita Sackville-West into Virginia Woolf


Famous author Virginia Woolf and English poet Vita Sackville-West exchanged a set of love letters into every other that were, unsurprisingly, superbly written. Nevertheless, it was possibly a correspondence from Vita, delivered from Milan on January 21, 1927, which delivers the clearest, most benign, glimpse in their affair. Contrary to Woolf’s flowery, ornate prose, West is a lot more simple:”I only miss you, at a rather simple desperate human manner.”

“I’m reduced to something that needs Virginia. I wrote a gorgeous letter to you at the sleepless night hours of this night, and it’s goneI only miss you, at a very simple desperate individual manner. You, with your undumb letters, would not write so basic a term as that; maybe you would not even believe it. And I think you are going to be sensible of a tiny difference. However, you’d clothe it so exquisite a term that it ought to get rid of a bit of its own reality. Whereas with me it’s rather stark: I miss you more than I might have thought; and that I was ready to overlook you a fantastic thing. So this letter is actually only a bit of pain. It’s incredible how crucial to me you’ve become. I guess you’re used to people saying these items. Damn you, spoilt monster; I Had not force you to love me by committing away me like that — But my dear, I can not be smart and stand-offish with you: I love you too much because of that. Too really. You don’t have any clue how stand-offish I could be with people I do not love. I’ve brought this to a fine art. However, you have broken my defenses down. And I do not really resent it.”