Sex Workers Open Up About the Most Expensive Service

The very definition of intimacy comes into question in a new documentary from Quartz about sex workers in Nevada. Which is more intimate, the act of sex, or the act of exchanging personal stories and information? Sex workers often put a premium on conversational intimacy, according to Christian Parreira, a former sex worker now studying the subject, which makes its monetary valuation higher.At establishments like Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Nevada, men can pay for “The Girlfriend Experience” (GFE), which is essentially a date with a sex worker. As one sex worker interviewed said, many of her GFE clients are older men; she takes it as a great compliment if at the end of the night, they thank her for giving them the same experiences they had with their wives when they were young. So while the GFE is a transactional experience, there is a deeper significance for some clients—and some sex workers, as well.Advertisement – Continue Reading Below[h/t: Digg]