Guy Tries to Send Romantic Message in a Bottle, Comes Under Fire for Littering Instead

Scottish widower, Craig Sullivan, who planned on sending out 2,000 messages in bottles looking for love, has come under fire for the environmental impact of his romantic plans. The Telegraph reports that Helen Gill was walking on the beach with her boyfriend when she found 30 glass bottles with Sullivan’s message inside.

Gill told The Telegraph, “They had lots of messages inside about finding love. [It] may be romantic, but what is it doing to the environment?” and told The Telegraph that she replied to Sullivan, encouraging him to think of the environmental impact of so many glass bottles in the water. As Gill pointed out, the bottles could be smashed before reaching people and also pose a threat to barefooted beachgoers.

According to the Medium post his website redirects to, Sullivan’s bottle project was inspired by Amy Krause Rosenthal’s viral Modern Love column that ran in the New York Times from March of this year. Rosenthal, who was fighting ovarian cancer at the time of publication, titled the essay, “You May Want to Marry My Husband,” and spoke of her husband’s qualities that she would miss the most. It’s a poignant and moving essay that you should definitely read if you haven’t had the chance.

So moved by Rosenthal’s selfless last act, Sullivan writes that he “wondered what [his] own wife might have written,” before passing 18 months ago. He said he thought about how “wise, kind, and honest she would have been in her imaginary letter,” and “how her appraisal of [him] would have made the best and most honest advert for anyone who might wish to meet [him].”

According to The Telegraph, Sullivan has since given up on his epic bottle plans since the environmental backlash but isn’t letting it stop him. He addressed the controversy in a Facebook post: “[The backlash has] been quite saddening but it won’t affect my optimism or plans — to find someone new.”

As for his dates, Sullivan told The Telegraph, he already has some dates lined up with women who have contacted him from the bottles, and his Facebook page, where he has been posting updates, is already filled with comments from swooning women wowed by his romantic gesture.

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