Good tweets can lead to true love


Back in 2012, a woman named Victoria fell in love with a Twitter account. In a classic tale of romance, she was swept off her feet by some tweets from a local bookstore in London.ssssssssssss
And for a while, the actual person running the account would send her some replies and they knew each other.
But after a while, the Twitter flirtation just wasn’t good enough anymore, and Victoria wanted to meet the mystery guy behind the bookstore account IRL. “One day Victoria came into the shop with doughnuts, I ate them (giving away a very cavalier attitude to food from strangers),” Jonathan O’Brien, the mystery tweeter, told Mashable. “It was easily the best first date I’ve ever been on (and hopefully the last first date I’ll ever go on). I brought a book of The Wizard of Oz as a present because Victoria had mentioned to me how much she loves the film,” Jonathan said.wwwwwwwwwwwww

From there, the rest is history. After that first doughnut date, and four years of dating, the two were recently married. And, of course, Victoria documented the big day on Twitter.
If you want to recreate this exact wedding situation for yourself, it seems the current social media manager of the Waterstones bookstore account is currently ~available~.zzzzzzzzz