Every Couple Should Do 16 Intimate Things At Least Once

A woman helping a man shave

No flame burns forever, and the same goes for love. The busyness of modern life has deprived many couples of time together, let alone moments for extra intimacy. Passion and sexual tension need to be reignited regularly to keep love strong and growing.Here are 16 things you can do as a couple to increase intimacy and your desire for each other.

1. Shower together


A shower in itself is a very personal act. It is a daily routine that is undergone in one’s own privacy. To shower together is to break down this barrier of private space and get closer to each other. As you lather each other with foam, you re-learn about each other’s body—the curves, the shapes and where it tickles. A shower together can be very intimate and relaxing, or full of sexual tension, or both.

2. Have sex in a public place


It could be in a secluded corner in a park, in your own backyard, or anywhere where you won’t get caught easily. Make it a shared adventure, but do be smart about it. This could either be the most exciting thing ever, or the worst disaster!

Risk level: High

3. Go ice skating together


Holding hands, slipping on ice, and falling down together can be pretty romantic, too. Make some silly moves, race each other, show off some swirling skills or your ability to skate backwards. Go back to being like young teenagers in love. Have great fun helping each other up, pulling each other down and sharing in laughter.

4. Involve food in foreplay


The trick is to try something new while keeping it clean and manageable. Use fruits, such as strawberry, banana, mango, pomegranate, peach, etc., and syrups such as chocolate fudge, maple syrup and honey. And of course, whipped cream. Just remember to lay down some towels beforehand so that the sheets don’t get dirty.

5. Watch porn together


Don’t be shy about it! Use porn to teach each other what you’d like to have done to you, and what you’ll like to do to your partner. It’s a chance to get to know more about each other’s secret fantasies and previously unknown preferences or fetishes. Also, you don’t need to go to the book store for a copy of the Kama Sutra now. You’re welcome!

6. Have a beach getaway together

couple-beach (1)

The beach, the sun, the sand, and the clear waters. Help each other with the sunblock lotion. Have a nice little picnic under the trees. Get a beautiful tan together. Go frolic in the blue sea when it gets too hot. Roll around in the powdery white sand. You can rekindle a lot of love by spending alone time in a natural setting, enjoying each other’s company.

7. Give each other a massage


Massage helps to relax the body by relieving tension in the muscles. It is best to do this for your partner after he or she has had a hard day at work. Giving a massage is a loving act that shows that you are understanding and giving towards your partner.

Light some scented candles or use some aromatherapy oil. Play some soft music in the background. It doesn’t have to take a long time. A 10 to 20 minute session will be able to win every bit of your partner’s heart.

8. Help each other shave


This requires a great amount of trust, but it can help to build trust between two people, too. Let your partner teach you if you don’t already know. Be patient with each other.

9. Cook a meal together


Enjoy the process of planning a meal and cooking it together. It takes cooperation and communication. Both of you share the labor and also the fruits of it. Share your family stories while you cook.

If you want to spice things up a bit, you could try cooking naked—by wearing just aprons with nothing else underneath.

10. Shop for underwear and lingerie for each other


Who doesn’t love presents? Surprise your partner with a new pair of undies today. You don’t even have to go to an actual store. Shop online! You’ll be surprised by the huge range of choices. But before that, ask your partner what he or she likes—the colors, the designs, the brands, etc.—so you won’t have too difficult a time deciding what to purchase. You could also try something extra kinky like lacy tops, thongs or certain sexy accessories

11. Bondage


It doesn’t have to be complicated. For starters, a blindfold and whatever works to bind the hands, such as a men’s tie or women’s leggings, will suffice. For the more “advanced” or more adventurous couples, you can buy real handcuffs and other locks or straps from adult toy stores. In any case, safety first! (You can also add #4 to this.)

12. Go camping together


Camping can provide a really good way to increase intimacy for couples who both love nature. It is a sweet escape for those who are tired of the city life and all its hustle and bustle. Being closer to nature allows the rejuvenation of the mind. Think of the cool, fresh air, the silence and calmness, and the endless amount of space that nature offers.

Find yourselves a safe and adequate camping site. Learn to work together to set up a good, sturdy tent for yourselves. And what’s more romantic than melting marshmallows over campfire and star gazing side by side? You could end your night with an intimate time inside your tent or out in the open. With this, you check off #2 of this list, too!

Again, safety first: notify your family or one or two of your good friends of your whereabouts. Choose a campsite or an area that is well visited by other travelers and does not have a huge track record of animal attacks. It is best that the place is not so secluded that you can’t get internet or reception on your cell phones.

13. Book a room at a hotel (or a motel)


Many of us are too tied down by our work commitments or school schedules to be able to go on multiple holidays throughout the year. Most of us only have the year end to travel and go for a vacation with our loved ones.

But you could change things up a bit. Book a nice hotel room as a surprise for your partner. It can be just be a random Friday night out, a celebration for a promotion, a birthday or an anniversary, or a simple gesture of love for your partner. He or she will definitely appreciate your move.

For the more adventurous couples, you can try going to a motel for the night for an extra sense of spontaneity and risk.

14. Take a long, hot bath together (with champagne of course!)


Because it is sexy, and you know you want to. (You can combine it with #13.)

15. Roleplay


Especially convenient when it’s Halloween season.

16. Pen erotic writings for each other

Signing the deal

Move over, sexting! Erotic writing could be the next big thing for couples in love. Seeing how the Fifty Shades Of Grey series has become such a bestseller worldwide, it comes to us as no surprise how personal erotic writings could be a good way of communicating to your partner in a subtle but still sexy manner. Reveal to each other your secret fantasies and yearnings. This could work really well for couples who are in a long distance relationship. Use secret pet names for each other. Be unreserved with your imagination.