Eulalie-A Sincere Love Poem That Never Fade

Love poem for her-Eulalie 02

There’s no doubt that write a poem for her can give a great impression. Nowadays, people prefer to send love SMS rather than write love poem for their honey, but if you want to make a big suprise for her, don’t hesitate, the love poem is a good chance to show the love. She must feel happy after she receive this suprise. Today, let’s have a look at this love poem:Love poem for her-Eulalie

I dwelt alone
In a world of moan,
And my soul was a stagnant tide,
Till the fair and gentle Eulalie became my blushing bride-
Till the yellow-haired young Eulalie became my smiling bride.

Ah, less- less bright
The stars of the night
Than the eyes of the radiant girl!
That the vapor can make
With the moon-tints of purple and pearl,
Can vie with the modest Eulalie’s most unregarded curl-
Can compare with the bright-eyed Eulalie’s most humble and careless

Now Doubt- now Pain
Come never again,
For her soul gives me sigh for sigh,
And all day long
Shines, bright and strong,
Astarte within the sky,
While ever to her dear Eulalie upturns her matron eye-
While ever to her young Eulalie upturns her violet eye.


  1. To love is when you show some one that you care, and always there for her and trust is very important and to be honest

  2. I wrote this poem when I first time felt in love with someone. I then came to know what is love and how it feels. So I decided to write it down so I can express my views. Hope you people like it

  3. The heart can feel more deeply than the intellect can express. My love for you could never be adequately conveyed by words. Yet I feel compelled to attempt to convey by love, and words are my only tools. Though my attempts are feeble, they are made in the deepest sincerity. So let your heart be your guide and know that I love you.

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