Consuming Semen Can Make You Live Longer?


You may have heard the claims that semen is some kind of protein-rich superfood or that putting it on your face will give you better skin. (A semen facial is a real thing that real people have tried.)The study was published online in Nature Medicine earlier this week and shows that the chemical spermidine, which is found in semen, can extend the lifespan of mice, protect against age-related thickening of the heart muscle, and preserve the heart’s ability to pump blood. And while, yes, there is protein in semen, given that there’s also fewer than one calorie in a typical ejaculation, it’s not much — and no semen skin benefits have been proven. However, along just came another study to add to the mix of what we know about jizz.

Before you make a commitment to swallow more often, keep in mind that A) we’re talking about mice here and B) you’re likely not ingesting enough semen to reap any of spermidine’s benefits (we’re talking gallons here — no shame if that’s how you roll, but I’m guessing it’s not). Try vegetables, meat, and cheese instead, and save the swallowing for when you’re in the mood.