Canada Has a Truly Disturbing New Safe Sexting Campaign Involving Mole Rats

People like taking naked photos of themselves. You know this because 9 out of 10 millennial women have admitted as much to, and because of that horrifying celebrity nudes leak of 2014. It’s the possibility of a leak — or even scarier, the reality of people using naked photos to exploit or extort their enemies — that’s led the Canadian Centre for Child Protection to launch a very memorable campaign for the country’s young people.

“Simply put, sextortion is blackmail. It’s when someone threatens to send a sexual image or video of you to other people if you don’t pay them or provide more sexual content,” the campaign explains. “Unfortunately, sextortion has been on the rise lately. But there are ways to prevent and fight it.”

How? Next time someone asks you to send naked pics, send them naked mole rat pics.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

The campaign has provided 18 ready-made (and unbelievably creepy) memes and GIFs of naked mole rats for teens to download and send their friends, lovers, and potential dates.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

It’s not just that naked mole rats are entirely freaky and boner-killing in and of themselves that makes this idea so compelling. They also look like penises.


Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Wrinkly, anemic, tubular, toothy penises. The average mole rat is 5.1 inches, but if you ask him, he’ll say 7.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Score one for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection. No promises that their campaign will take off with teenagers but it’s certainly worth a laugh (or cringe) for all of us.