Best Love Songs Of Rookie-The Weeknd

The Weeknd's love song 03

The Weeknd is very popular now in the world. Last year his songs starts to pop-up. Now we select several love songs of this young superstar.

The Party And The After Party
Another track from ‘House Of Balloons,’ although it was never released ‘The Party And The After Party’ is one of The Weeknd’s most recognisable tracks from his early days. The track, which tells the story of The Weeknd racing a girl up the stairs at a party, samples ‘Maser Of None’ by Beach House.   The Weeknd's love song 04

What You Need
When he released this track on his ‘House Of Balloons’ mixtape, The Weeknd sampled Aaliyah’s Rock The Boat.’ Unfortunately, when it was remastered for ‘The Trilogy,’ he couldn’t secure the rights to keep The Princess of r&b’s sound on it.The Weeknd's love song 05

Rolling Stone
When he was on the cusp of fame, The Weeknd dropped ‘Rolling Stone’ on his second 2011 mixtape, ‘Thursday.’ It hears his mind wander about whether he will change – and whether his relationship will change – once he’s famous. “So baby love me before they all love me, until you won’t love me, because they all love me, I’ll be different, I think i’ll be different, I hope i’m not different,” he sings. The Weeknd's love song 06

The earliest ‘Beauty Behind The Madness’ track to be revealed (it was actually released in 2014), if none of the other tracks on our list had you sweating, put ‘Often’ on and grab a tissue.
The Weeknd's love song
The Morning
‘The Morning’ is responsible for what is possibly one of The Weeknd’s best hooks ever. The Weeknd's love song 02

Can’t Feel My Face
The Weeknd channels a sound similar to Michael Jackson’s on his first number one US single with ‘Can’t Feel My Face’. The Weeknd's love song 03