Where It Was At Back Then-Show A Poem For Husband

The romantic poem for husband

Write a love poem for husband is the quick and powerful way to show the feelings. When it comes to husbands, all wifes always have something to say. No doubt they love them, but then there are so many times that you feel that they could simply bash them on the head. A beautiful poem of love, bonding, trust and faith, a message that is all about the belief you have in your man and your relationship. The romantic poem for husband 02

Where It Was At Back Then

last night I dreamt
they cut off your hands and feet.
you whispered to me,
Now we are both incomplete.

I held all four
in my arms like sons and daughters.
I bent slowly down
and washed them in magical waters.

I placed each one
where it belonged on you.
‘A miracle,’
you said and we laughed
the laugh of the well-to-do.