9 Guys Share the Craziest Thing They’ve Ever Done to Impress a Woman

1. “I was at a party and hitting it off with this girl. She really liked Jell-O shots, and I concocted this plan to steal a bunch and go for a walk with her and be like, ‘Oh, looks like we still have Jell-O shots,’ and it’d be adorable, and she’d laugh. What really happened was I was drunk and that idea was stupid. And I couldn’t find her, and then I blacked out and woke up in my bed wearing all my clothes including my coat and with melted Jell-O everywhere.” —David, 27

2. “I pretended to be really into the Barenaked Ladies. I think that’s enough.” —Ethan, 28

3. “I went to an arts college because that’s where she was going even though it wasn’t my passion. Like, they had other programs but you really went for the arts. Anyway, we talked, like, once while I was there and I transferred after a semester.” —Michael, 29

4. “I got my hair cut three times in a six-week span because I hit it off with my hairdresser talking about music, and so I kept going back to the salon to get ‘cleaned up,’ hoping she would be my hairdresser each time, but she wasn’t. I fell in love with her pretty hard.” —Brian, 28

5. “One time, a girl asked me to bring her pizza on Tinder, so I did. It was Domino’s sausage.” —Jared, 26

6. “I once wrote out verses of songs in my TI-93+ calculator and handed it to this girl to read. At the end of the school year, she wrote in my notebook dropping me her digits, so I guess it worked.” —Evan, 27

7. “I quit my job to go to a concert with her. It was my high school grocery store job and it wasn’t really anything badass. I basically knew that if I didn’t show up for work, I’d get fired. So I didn’t go. But I made sure she knew I basically sacrificed my minimum-wage job to do this. I was hoping she’d be really into it. I had a crush on her for months. That’s a big deal in high school time. Anyway, I got grounded and had no job for a month, but we dated for a while, so I’d say worth it overall.” —Greg, 29

8. “I can’t be the only one to have done this. On a class ski trip in middle school, I tried to go down a black diamond on my second time skiing ever. I’m pretty sure I fell down it more than anything else. I don’t even think this girl cared about skiing. It was the most frightening experience of my life up until that point. A few weeks later, I asked her to our eighth grade dance and she said ‘no’ and basically ran away.” —Nate, 28

9. “In ninth grade, I bleached my hair because I thought it would impress a sophomore. I honestly don’t understand what I was thinking and it looked liked shit. I don’t want to talk about this anymore.” —Stephen, 30

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