5 Sex Positions That Answer the Question, “WTF Do I Do With Balls During Sex?”

Knowing your way around a pair of balls is an Important Life Skill, like learning to drive or figuring out how to stop looking at your phone an hour before bed. Like literally everything with sex, you don’t have to do it, but you both might surprise yourselves with how much you enjoy it. The main thing to remember is be really, really gentle — according to every slapstick comedy ever, his balls seem to hurt quite a bit if kicked. Respect the balls (✊) and you’re golden.

1. The Ball Handler

Katie Buckleitner

If you’re ball-skittish, amp up a BJ with some basic ball exploration. Pile up enough pillows between your legs to hold a vibrator in place. (If you’re turned on, balls start looking a whole lot better.) As you work your usual BJ magic, lick, kiss, and slide your tongue up the seam between his balls and all the way up his shaft. (If you’re still wigging out, just use your hands until you’re ready for the whole balls-in-mouth situation.)

2. The Formal Tea (Bag)

Katie Buckleitner

Instead of him sitting over your face and dropping his balls into your mouth like an animal, have him lie on his side with his upper leg bent so you can rest your head on his lower thigh. Take his balls into your mouth one by one—you get to control how much “tea” you want. You can stroke his penis at the same time if you’re feeling kind or just take care of you — each person for themselves.

3. The Edge-of-the-Seat Thriller

Katie Buckleitner

Toy with him by having him on the couch while you ride him, gently cupping his balls are you move. If he seems down with that (yes), keep it going longer with edging. When he seems close to orgasm, pull his balls gently down and away from his body. He can return the favor by rubbing your clit, then stopping right when you’re close. Continue until one of you can’t take it anymore.

4. The Ball Peen Hammer

Katie Buckleitner

For a raw kind of vibe, nothing does it quite like him fucking you so hard his balls are actually slapping against you. Stand by your bed, spread your legs and put your hands on the bed in the Universal Signal of Now, Please. Great for a quickie — the wilder, the better. Spanking optional.

5. The Ball and Chain

Katie Buckleitner

A stretchy cock ring that fits around his balls will make them more sensitive — plus keep his erection harder. Get on all fours, leaning on an elbow and and reaching back with the other hand to cup his balls. Fan your fingers out and sweep gently down his balls or lightly massage them as he thrusts.

Jill Hamilton writes the blog In Bed With Married Women. Follow her on Twitter.