15 Romantic Ways To Show Your Deep Love

15 romantic ideas for your lover 02

If you want to show your love, you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to remind that certain someone how much he or she is loved.

Want to wow your lover and express just how much you love them at the same time? Spice up your relationship with these sweet everyday ways love ideas  to say “I love you.

1. Go a whole week without saying anything negative or critical—and pay compliments at every opportunity.

2. Make her an old-fashioned mixtape. OK, not a tape, but a mix-CD or a playlist.

3. Buy him that video game/power tool/whatever that he was talking about the other week. Wrap it up with a bow!

4. Ask for a coin to toss in a fountain. Then say, “Actually, never mind, my wish already came true—I have you!”15 romantic  ideas for your lover

5. Offer to bring him a cup of coffee or a beer.

6. Talk about her right in front of her: Tell other people why she’s so amazing.

7. Impromptu foot rub!

8. Kiss her hand.

9. Break up the usual weekday routine with a breakfast or lunch date.

10. Tuck a package of her favorite candy into her purse. Tape a note to it that says you love her.

11. Take a bubble bath with candles everywhere, and ask him to scrub your back.

12. Around Valentine’s Day, buy a whole bunch of valentines. Give them to her at random times throughout the year.

13. Get him tickets to a concert or event he’ll really enjoy.

14. If she has her own place but stays over sometimes, clear out a dresser drawer for her to use. Stock it with a few essentials, such as toiletries, a makeup item she uses regularly or extra socks and underwear in her size.

15. Make him laugh: Learn some jokes and tell them to him. Corny is good!