13 Ways Sex Is Better When You’re In Love

1. When he flips you over for doggy-style, it doesn’t feel slightly rude anymore. The thought, Does he just not want to see my face, or…? doesn’t even cross your mind. You know he’s obsessed with your face, but also doggy-style is a really good posish.2. It’s not weird when you make sustained eye contact during missionary — it’s actually really romantic. ~*~gAzInG~*~: so hot when you’re in love, so deeply uncomfortable when you’re hooking up casually.Advertisement – Continue Reading Below3. He knows exactly what you like because he’s made the effort to learn your body. He has a very particular set of skills, and he will look for your clitoris, he will find your clitoris, and he will make your clitoris orgasm.4. If you decide to try something new and fail, it’s just something you’ll laugh about together. That new couple’s vibrator was the best thing that ever happened to you, but you’ll never be able to keep a straight face in yoga class again.
Most Popular5. Quickies never seem impersonal because you know they’re going to be good. And you never have to worry about whether he’s going to text you after.6. You never feel insecure because he knows how to make you feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel. Remember that time he whispered “wow” when you took your clothes off and you melted into a little puddle on the floor? It’s hard being a puddle, but at least you have a man who appreciates you for who you are.7. He knows the one thing he can whisper in your ear that is basically all the foreplay you need. I call this compliment foreplay™, and it is guaranteed to get you wet. (Although I guess you don’t need help with that since you’re a puddle.) (Is this article just tips for sexy puddles now?) (Where am I?) (Help.)8. You can be gross — ahem, I mean honest — around each other. He’s wiped his own semen out of your butt crack, so yeah, nothing you do could ever turn him off. Get messy.9. You know he won’t make fun of your Game of Thrones role-play fantasy. Where’s his furry Jon Snow cape? If you like it, he’ll get into it for you, and he’ll never make you feel embarrassed about it later.10. Moody sex is way more intense when you care about each other’s feelings. Which is hotter: slow, sad sex, or passionate, angry sex? A question for the ages.11. You never feel pressured to do anything you’re not 100 percent hot for in bed. You know he’s not going to dump you because you’re not ready to try anal yet, because that would be a total dick move and you did not fall in love with a total dick. You fell in love with a sweet man who fucks you just the way you want to be fucked.12. You can get just as much pleasure from a hot makeout session sometimes, and that’s a good thing. Lazy sex is good, but a hot makeout session without having to struggle out of your skinny jeans is better.13. If you just really need an orgasm RN, he’ll go down on you and expect nothing back because he knows you’d do the same for him. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is oral sex without pressure to reciprocate.