10 Sex Anniversaries Every Couple Should Celebrate

Your first date, the moment you became a couple, the day you got engaged. These are common relationship milestones everyone celebrates. You go out to dinner, you post a picture to Instagram of the two of you together. Maybe it’s a pic from that night or a #TBT to the day in question. You get a ton of congratulatory comments. This is normal. It’s what normal people do. But there are plenty of other anniversaries you can celebrate. Sexiversaries, if you will. How you choose to celebrate is entirely up to you and your partner.

If you’re looking for ideas on how to honor the occasion, here’s a good place to start: have sex with each other.

1. The first time you had sex. This is your superhero origin story, of course it needs to be celebrated. Sure, it might overlap with your first-date anniversary or wedding anniversary, but it’s still notable.

2. Your first marathon sex session. Maybe the first time you had sex, it was drunk and fumbling, or just a bit awkward. Celebrate the first time you two really went at it for a record-setting amount of time or just kept going back-to-back (to back, etc).

3. When you discovered a sex position you both loved. Some couples have drastically different individual preferences when it comes to how they have sex. Finding a position you both love is cause for a goddamn parade.

4. The worst sex you’ve ever had together. Sure, you’re amazing at sex and you’ve never had a bad day. Maybe you have no embarrassing food-poisoning-meets-sexual-escapades stories. But maybe you once had, like, a roommate walk in on you. Maybe one of you fell off the bed. There’s probably something worth celebrating, because even comedically awful sex with someone you care about can bring you closer.

5. The first time you had simultaneous orgasms. Seriously, finishing at the same time is more impressive and takes more coordination than synchronized Olympic swimming.

6. The anniversary of your first sex vacation. To be clear: This is not the first time you went on vacation and had sex. This is the time you went on vacation and pretty much all you did is have sex. The kind of sex vacation where you realized on the last day you should probably fit in something touristy and actually see the city instead of have sex constantly.

7. The time you stumbled upon a kink you were both into. Finding out you’re both into something that’s not exactly vanilla is a game-changer. It’s not like you both need to be wearing a zebra suit and having sex to the musical stylings of Billy Joel to get off (but you know, if that’s your thing, good for you … and good for you finding someone else who shares your passion). Even if you’re both just into some light spanking, that’s worth lighting up a few sparklers and popping some noisemakers.

8. Your first booty call. In the course of your dating or your “we’re just hanging out a lot” or whatever it is you want to label it, one of you probably texted the other way too late at night to see if you/they wanted to hang out. Honor that moment.

9. The day you learned 69 is trash. Where were you the moment you realized trying to concentrate on giving adequate oral sex while simultaneously receiving it is damn near impossible? Staring longingly into each other’s eyes and declaring, “Sixty-nine is awful so let’s stop pretending we like it,” takes your relationship from casual to serious. That’s the kind of sentiment that belongs in a Hallmark card.

10. Your first period sex. Nothing says “I love you” like having sex with each other when you’re on your period. OK, maybe not “I love you” so much as “I’m horny for you and I respect your body’s biological processes.” But that’s still a nice sentiment.

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