10 Lubes For Every Occasion That You Need to Try

A quarter-size dollop of lube can make any of these hookup scenarios way more amazing.

1. Vacation Romps

Überlube is like Ryan Seacrest – there isn’t a job it can’t do. The silicone-based, scent- and color-free formula is so versatile, you can also use it to tame fly-aways in windy cities or protect your skin from chafing during beach runs.


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2. Toy Time

Since silicone lube can break down the material of your fave vibrator, making it a proverbial petri dish for bacteria, go for a water-based formula instead.


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3. P-in-V Sex

A water-based, organic, and condom-safe lube won’t mess with your fragile flora. This one lasts for hours — you can reactivate its silky powers with a splash of water.


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4. Lazy Sunday

Foria Pleasure contains THC — the euphoric chemical in weed — to boost your clitoris’s sensitivity. New Foria Awaken is its THC-free, plant-based sister.


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5. Baby Making

Turns out, glycerin — a cheap ingredient found in many lubes — can be toxic for your dude’s sperm. Stick with a fertility-friendly formula instead.


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6. Marathon Sex

Make every moment interesting with a lube that time-releases a range of sensations (warming, tingling, cooling).

Allie Holloway

BUY NOW Chain Reaction Personal Lubricant, 2.7 Fluid Ounce, TROJAN, $20

7. Backdoor Action

Your best bet is a really slippery silicone lube with extra-long staying power. This one’s super slick and free of preservatives.


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8. Chilly Nights

Cold liquid can put the freeze on hot foreplay. This dispenser drops a small amount of warmed organic lube into your hand.


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9. Mouth Moves

The LaCroix of lube, Sliquid makes an insane number of sugar-free, organic flavors, from tangerine peach to cherry vanilla, to make going downtown tasty!


BUY NOW Naturals Swirl, SLIQUID, $12

10. Aquatic Adventures

Since too much actual water can, ironically, dry you out, opt for a silicone-based formula that repels agua and won’t wash off during your sexy tub or shower session.

Allie Holloway

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This article was originally published as “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in the August 2017 issue of Cosmopolitan. Click here to subscribe to the digital edition.